Archangel Michael Monastery for Nuns

Archangel Michael Monastery for Nuns

Melbourne, Australia

Joined Oct 3, 2016


Archangel Michael Monastery for Nuns

Melbourne, Australia

Genre: Ancient Christian Coptic

Joined Oct 3, 2017

Archangel Michael Monastery is the first Coptic monastery for nuns in the Southern Hemisphere. The Copts are the direct descendants of the Ancient Egyptians, and the Coptic Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. Everyday the nuns chant the very same ancient Coptic melodies which have been sung in Coptic monasteries in Egypt since early antiquity. These special praises vary according to the Church calendar, and whilst being similar in style, each hymn is unique and individually angelic. We've decided to share these ancient hymns in the hope that they will be a source of joy, comfort, and peace to all those who hear them.


25 Sep, 2017

Fair Dove

We're very excited to announce the release of our first album "Fair Dove!" Now available on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, and more.

"Fair Dove" features ancient Coptic hymns for the Coptic month of Kiahk which is part of the season of advent in the liturgical calendar in preparation for Christmas.

As such, these hymns are joyful and uplifting in anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Christ, the Saviour of the world. May Christ our Lord reward all who assisted us in bringing to life these beautiful and ancient Coptic hymns in honour of the holy Mother of God.

Special thanks to Meriam Attalla for her direction and tremendous support for this project. Sincere thanks also to Steve Vertigan (Soggy Dog Recording Studios) who recorded and mixed "Fair Dove."

Introduction: His Grace Bishop Suriel–Abbot of Archangel Michael Monastery. Hymnists: Marina Bassilios, Maryam Elyas, Katherine Mikhail, Rebecca Saad, Mary Sorsok, Jackie Shehata and the nuns of Archangel Michael Monastery. Percussion: Matthew Shehata and Zacariah Traversa. Album Artwork: David Georgy.

Thank you to you all!